The Book of Haplo – Loss and Rebirth – Haplo
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – Loss and Rebirth – Haplo

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Junior-Grade Haplo
RE: Loss and Rebirth

Brothers and Sisters of the Rose,

Events of last evening still weigh heavily on my mind. I
feel a report is in order so that you all know what’s going

I gathered some men at the fall to do some pirate hunting
in Trinsic. I figured doing some patrols in Trinsic might
not be a bad idea. It’s been far to long since the society
has been seen in force outside of Northwood. Draven, Matt,
Swift, Venom and I set out for Trinsic by gate. Upon
arriving in Trinsic we were immidately sidetracked by a
little girl who wanted a gate to Yew. Draven complied with
her wishes, not realizing that it would cause problems. So
after a discussion with Judas we retrieved her from Yew and
set her back to paladins Isle.

Lance Corporal Matt has recently suffered a tragedy in his
family, and it was about then I started to notice his
abbarent behavior. The death of his sister is weighing
heavily on him. After some things were said (I’ll not
record them here) Matt began to run through the streets of
trinsic looking for a way to end his life. I was able to
calm him down after talking to him for a bit, but I’m still
concerned for his state of mind.

It was then that a young lady approached us. She informed
us that her father was among our number, an incident that
apparntly happend 14 or so years ago, and her mother had
sent her seeking us upon her recent death. Feeling
responsible for the girl, she has no home after all, I
grudingly agreed (at the bequest of Matt) to let her stay
at our tower in northwood in exchange for her assistance
around the tower.

I apologize general for not consulting you first, but I
felt it needed to be done. Besides, the girl can read and
write a bit, and I’ve been looking for a page and assistant
in my keeping of the annals, so I decided to let her stay.
Matt has taken full responsibilty for the girl, and I think
she may help him on his return to sanity.

Also, keep your eyes out for a lich roaming about
northwood. It seems that this lich is somehow involved in
Matt’s sister’s death. I’m looking into it as well as some
mysterious black rock that may be related to this whole

Yours in service to the Rose,
Lt. JG Haplo Darkblade
Keeper of the Annals


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