The Book of Haplo – Of Friends and Enemies – Haplo
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – Of Friends and Enemies – Haplo

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Junior-Grade Haplo
RE: Of Friends and Enemies

A report submitted to the society

Brothers and Sisters,

As is usually the case, my account of the events of last
evening begin with an urgent call over my comm crystal to
come to Northwood as soon as I can. Issued by my brother
not only in the society, but in blood, I made haste to

Upon arriving at the tower, I saw Simon, Silent, and Venom
sitting around waiting for me with looks of mixed amusement
and concern on their faces. They told me I wouldn’t be
happy with the news they were about to give, and then in
walks Swiftwind. I knew something was up.

Swiftwind gave an account of the events prior to my arrival
in Northwood. Apparently a young girl from Scott tower had
been kidnapped and beaten by a Drow in the Crimson
Alliance. The Scotts had captured a drow as a bargening
piece, however this drow’s daughter decided to cause
trouble. Swiftwind, seeing the threat, and knowing that
this female Drow, Lirial by name, was a criminal and a
murderer persued this foul drow and attmpted to bring her
to justice. She fled into scott tower and hid behind the
queen there. Instead of the good Queen of winterfell
fearing for her life becuase a criminal and a Drow had just
entered her home, she ordered Swiftwind to stop becuase she
wished not to be disturbed. Strange as it seems, it appears
this was the case. Swifwind recognizing the threat,
continued to attack. He was immidately ordered out of Scott
tower, a wish he complied with for the time being. He left
to cool off, then returned in a bit to explain himself to
the queen.

His explanation met with displeasure by her majesty, so
Grey Ghost, the Templer of HONOR, mind you, decided to take
it upon himself to attack an unarmed Swiftwind. Not only
was this the case, after a duel was declaired, Tay decided
to jump in and use Magic against Swiftwind. Swifts brothers
then chose to jump in and intervene in this matter. They
retreated to the tower.

I decided we needed to get to the bottome of this matter.
Venom, Silent, Swiftwind, Simon and I proceded to Tower
Scott to immidatly find out what was going on. Sandrella
was there, and was as amazed in the matter as we were.
Lirial was still in the tower also. I demanded and
explanation and one of the Winterfell militia attempted to
explain. Sandrella then returned, and apologized for
swiftwind being attacked. She also gave Lirial leave of the
tower, and told us we may do with the drow what we wish
outside the tower. One of the men in the tower (I missed
his name) decided he would let the drow go outside, while
we were talking to sandrella, so that she could escape. As
we left however, a few more drow arrived. We told them to
take leave of northwood, and in the midst of converstaion
with them, Liral appeared and attacked.

We captured her quickly and efficently. I ordered Swift and
Silent to keep an eye on Scott tower while Simon and Venom
escorted our prisoner back to the tower to be put in the
dungeon until we could take her to Trinsic for trial. I did
a bit of scouting, and that’s when I the sounds of battle
inside Scott tower. Swift, Silent, Simon and I headed into
the tower to assist the Scotts in their battle against the
drow. The drow were swiftly defeated, and we returned to
the tower to watch over the prisoner.

My question to you is, why would the queen be harboring
drow and attacing one of our men? It seems very odd to me.
Perhaps this bares some more looking into.

Yours in service to the Rose,
Lt. JG Haplo Darkblade
Keeper of the Annals


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