The Book of Haplo – Recovering – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – Recovering – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: Recovering

-A report to the Society submitted by Haplo-

Dear Brothers,

In the Aftermath of General Rahls death, I do realize that
it’s difficult to find a focus or purpose. What I want you
all to realize is that the ideals put down by General Rahl
live on so long as you his brothers and men live on to
carry his dream to fruition. That having been said, some
progress has been made in the area of finding the Generals
hidden journals, as well as some light on to other
happenings as of late.

After the funeral Alexander, Myself, and several other of
the society sat around brainstorming places where the
journals may have been hidden. I cited the fact that the
confidant was probably made by the General in his first
days here, because he was closest to people during those
days because people were the only things keeping him on the
Brink of sanity. With that in mind, I decided to seek out
the grave of Victor and Cethwyn Reese. We also surmised
that Cove could hold some clue or the actual journals, but
me, only being one man, decided my time would best be spent
between Britan and Yew. I’m now issuing standing orders for
Cove, the Cove cemetary, and the site of the final battle
of the Rose be searched thoroughly.

I’ll get to my findings in Britian and Yew shortly, let me
move on to the plight of one of our brothers’ Matt. It
seems that Matt has been, possessed for lack of a better
term, by some strange outside force. This force was the
remaniants of a long lost culture that fought Kishara and
failed. Aliz I believe was one of the ones that was in
direct contact with Matt, and also one of the ones that
shielded him from being possessed any further. However it’s
my belief that the shield may be killing him. He’s not been
well as of late. If anyone crosses any information on this
ancient race or a way that they can think of to ease Matt’s
suffering, then by all means, contact him, or me.

On to Britian, well, actually, let’s start with Yew as it
was the more uneventful of the two. Ceth’s grave held
nothing of importance. Just a corpse. However, Victors
grave, while not yielding the journals, did yield something
interesting. It seems that the General had several
different attempts at the comm crystals that we know and
love today. Victor had a comm crystal of sorts. This one
however had four settings, and lets you see through the
eyes of their target instead of just talking to them.
Effective but dangerous as I was to find out. The first
setting put me in the darkest, blackest pitt I could think
of. A coldness set over me and it was all that I could do
to escape from it’s depths. The darkness could only be that
of death. Two of the settings on the crystal led me to that
place of darkness. One led me back to Tabenhelm’s fall and
I believe into the mind of Antryg. Incidentally, Antryg if
you read this, please pigeon me because I wish to speak
with you on a matter. If the other brothers in the society
could also pass this message on I would appricate it. (OOC:
ICQ me 19898313) And the final setting, Hmmm… well, it
was interesting to say the least. I’ll leave that one
unmentioned for now, as I wish to reasearch it more. If any
senior officers wish to know the results, please pigeon me.
I’ll report in person. The members of the society at the
time of Victor that I was aware of were general Rahl, Ceth,
and Victor. Now, it doesn’t make sense for the crystal to
have a redundant setting for the owner, so I’m assuming
that one death was Ceth, who was the other? That brothers
is the question, and I believe will lead to the location of
the journals. We’ve got missing memeber, so let’s comb the
annals and see what we can come up with.

Yours in service of the Rose,
Lt. JG
Keeper of the Annals


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