The Book of Haplo – Return of the Demon Slayers – Haplo
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – Return of the Demon Slayers – Haplo

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Junior-Grade Haplo
RE: Return of the Demon Slayers

A report submitted by Haplo Keeper of the Annals.

Brothers and Sisters of the Rose,

So often we embark on journies out into the wild to say
orcs and Ettins, but seldom is such bravery and team work
shown as I saw last eve. We all know of the demon
infestation in the Dungon of Hytloth, it’s common
knowledge, but seldom do reports of Demons reach our ears
from that remote area.

The events of last eve begin in Trinsic, where I finally
made my way into after being stranded behind orc lines in
the woods. An oversite on my own part because I had used
the last of my regs for healing insead of paying attention
to my need for travel. I made my way into Trinsic, slipping
past those pigfaced bastards, and got myself a well
deserved bath. I was in the middle of inquiring as to the
situation from a young lady when Silent and Swiftwind
appeared behind me. They had NOT run out of regs, so the
had gated into Trinsic, also to check on Orc activity.
After chasing down some orcs, we got split up. Apparenltly
something was happening in Yew with Lazaurus, some members
of the Emerald Empire, a girl named Meerlinda, and a
werewolf or lycantrop of some sort. I’ll leave that report
to Swiftwind to tell. My involvemtent was minor and it
seemed the Empire, after returning the lycantrop to the
Trinsic and locking him in prison, had not much to say on
the matter. It may bare some looking into.

After they had head off to the prison, I did some more
checking about Trinsic. Silent had retired for the evening,
and Swiftwind had head back to Northwood. I recieved a
communication from Venom that there were reports of some
strange activity from the woods around Hyloth, so I put out
the general call to go investigate. I arranged to meet
everyone at the tower in northwood. As luck would have it,
I happened upon Swiftwind there, who was engaged with a
woman in a duel. Apparenly she was accusing Swiftwind of
knocking out a small boy. It turns out the boy was a
memeber of the Crimson Alliance and a Vampire. The woman
also turns out to be the mother of the young girl named
Sandy that’s been wandering around Northwood causing
trouble. After some arguing, Sandy, her mother, and Seylana
wandered off and we headed to the Dungon for some
investigation. Draven, Simon, Swift, Duncan, Venom and
Myself all were suprised to find the entrance unguarded, so
we headed in.

After some fierce battles with Orcs, Ettins, and Hell
hounds, it appeard that the reports may have been trumped
up. However, upon reaching the further levels, we
encountered what we were looking for. A bloody pentagram,
surrounded by fire pillars was in the room, and crounching
over it was a Lord of the Abyss. Fortunatly, he was too
busy with his work to notice us.

The details of the battle are hazy, but as it turns out,
the might of Draven’s magic, combined with Swift, Simon,
Duncan, and My bows and Venoms well timed healing helped us
to fell this foul beast.

Immidately upon his dropping, more of his demonic friends
spawned to give chase, and eventually all fell. It was a
victory for the light all around. We fled to the sounds of
more demons being summoned, and I fear that the menace may
not be ended, as some sort of perminate gateway to the
abyss seems to have been establised there. Perhapse some
more adventuring there may prove helpful.

Yours in Service to the Rose,
Lt. JG Haplo Darkblade
Keeper of the Annals


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