The Book of Haplo – She Reaches Out… – Anubis
November, 1999
The Book of Haplo – She Reaches Out… – Anubis

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Anubis
RE: She Reaches Out…

“Easy there boy…” Anubis whispered to his horse Whitey,
calming him.

The past few nights have dealt strange phenomena in the
forest. And each night Anubis would go to the stables to
calm his normally fearless mount. The month leading up to
this had been uneventful. All remained quiet in Northwood.
The Undead presence all but vanished from Yew. And the
Stalker of Inethria had not been seen nor heard from.
It is times of peace such as these a soldier must prepare
himself for the battle that inevitably will ensue.

Stepping back into his home he prepared for bed. Storing
his armor in the chest at the foot of his bed, hanging his
scabbard from his bedpost and slipping a silver dagger
beneath his pillow. His nightly ritual complete or so he
thought, he knew something was missing but could not place
it. He shrugged, laid down and drifted off into sleep.

The voices came, whispers of ancient tongue, cries of the
dead. This was his payment for life. One that enters the
realm of the undead and returns to the living always pays…
the nightmare began…

The winds stirred outside the humble flagstone home,
howling and shaking the fall leaves from their branches. A
heavy fog rolled in pinching out the moonlight.

A scratching, clawing, no… a thunderous pounding came to
the door. Once, twice, three times… then silence.

Anubis lay perfectly still, “It will pass.” he said to

The pounding resumed. Once, twice, three times… then

Closing his eyes tightly he reached for the dagger. The
metal warm from the heat of his body.

The winds picked up as if a storm had crashed down upon the
tiny home, shaking it to its foundation. The shutters flung
from the walls outside, the wood splintering away, floating
off into the winds.

“It will pass he whispered” tightening his grip on the
handle of the blade.

The winds died, an eerie silence fell upon the house…
Anubis breathed a sigh of relief. It had ended quickly
tonight… then the door slammed open, a blast of wind and
rain shot into the small one room home. Scrolls and books
lifted from their cases and shelves, the fire died in the

Casting his covers into the wind Anubis leaped from his bed
unsheathing his sword. He stood at the ready shielding his
eyes from the derbies. The winds died the room once again
silent. The wetted parchment dripped its excess waters to
the floor.

Anubis took a deep breath, never had he seen this. Always
the taunting, but never had they come inside. He was nearly
paralyzed with fear. Calming himself he scanned the
darkness beyond the open door.

Again, the voices came, whispers of ancient tongue, cries
of the dead. Then a mist twirled in. The mist wrapped with
sparks of light emitting a faint yet distinct crackle, as
the tiny bolts flickered and died…

The mist began to shift and wrap into itself, taking on an
identifiable form… a shade… it hovered at the entrance.

Anubis squinted, and focused deeply trying to make out its

“Death?” he uttered barely able to speak.

The swirling mist had assumed the form of a hooded skeletal
figure standing over 8 feet in height, its vaporous robes
extended throughout the room and out into the night.

Its eyes took on a red glow at the question posed to it.

“Death, iss absssolute.” “I failed to bring you that.” It
replied its voice rasping and drawn out.

Anubis went pale, “Tilakari…”

Wicked laughter filled the room.

“Not thisss time fool… I have come for your body, the Lady
sssumonss me, I require form.” it spoke as it hovered
towards him.

Anubis dropped his blade and reached for the amulet around
his nec… it was not there…
The laughter once again filled the room.

“You were told never to remove it… iss that not what your
fiend ssaid?” Anubis dove behind the bed, rifling through
his packs, then to the chest at the foot of the bed.
Tossing the scrolls and books aside in a fury of

He cursed in frustration… then smiled. Glancing over to the
upset wash basin on the table he could see its silver
chain. The shade stopped glancing over to the table itself
then back at Anubis who now had a cruel grin planted firmly
upon his visage. The seconds seemed an eternity… defeat was
in the wings.

Beams of light shot forth from the tiny home, from the
windows and door the light shined for miles. The cry of the
ancient dead was finally silenced…
Anubis awoke, breathing heavily. He lit a lantern and
walked to the door, closing it and bolting it tight.
Looking around his home, he frowned. He would leave the
mess till morning, now he could get a good nights rest.

As he lay down to sleep he whispered. “Not this time fool,
not this time Goddess, this time you face me as an enemy…”


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