The Book of Haplo – The children of children – Haplo
September, 1999
The Book of Haplo – The children of children – Haplo

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Haplo
RE: The children of children

Brothers and sisters,

My apologies for the time lapse between the events that
transpired and the report being written, but I’ve had my
hands full with my page and her newborn daughter. Yes,
Elspeth is a mother, and being only a child herself, I’ve
taken upon myself to help her rais the little girl. How did
this happen? I’m not entirly certian. As you all know,
Elspeth was taken from our tower a few months back, and was
hidden somewhere in Magincia for some time. I did some
looking and finally had tracked down her location, so at
the suggestion of Captian Shade, we headed there to locate
the girl.

Upon our arrival at Magincia, we tracked her down to a
small building on the north west side. She was alone,
crying, and in labor. I must have been hit on the head,
because I remember comming to and there was a young man in
the room bareing a striking resembalance to our deceased
member Matt. He was demanding to know why we were there,
and wanted to see El. However, El’s reaction to this Matt
(I was to find out later a nephew of our former member) was
less than positive, and by my own observation, Matt was
less than stable. He was rambeling on and on about promises
and his uncle. Oddly enough acting just like his Uncle did
while possesed by the Lich Lazor, or at least while trying
to fight the Lich. It was felt we’d best get Elspeth to the
tower with Templer Tiberius, while Shade, Venom, Laz,
Elrohir (sorry if I spelled it wrong) Draven, and Silent
took care of the new Matt, which they did with a quickness.

We arrived at the tower and Tiberius charged me with
finding a midwife to assist in the birth. I came across
Myca staning outside the Covenants tower, and Myca told me
he could assist in the birth. He and his companion (I think
it was Katelynn but my memory is a bit hazy as I’d never
been around someone having birth before) made haste to the
tower to assist.

In the confusion, it seems that Karin (who wasn’t dead much
to my suprise) burst her way into the Rose’s tower
demanding to see her neice. I found it odd that Karin
should know the outcome of the birth before it happend, but
let that pass, as Lazarus and Swiftwind told her to leave.
After being warned repeatedly, Swiftwind was concerned that
she too had again succmbed to the sway of the lich, so
fearing for the life of the unborn child and Elspeth,
felled her where she stood.

The birth took place, however, El was to have given birth
to twins. A boy and a girl. The boy didn’t make it. He was
stillborn. Myca broke the news to El, and I spent the rest
of the evening with her making sure she was alright. There
were some further events concerning Acada (a templar) and
Swiftwind, and the death of Karin, but I wasn’t involved
and noone has sent me an incident report concerning the

As a side note, I would consider anyone in the Illian
family supceptible to the sway of the Lich Lazor, and if
they exhibit any strange or threatining behavior, leathal
force may be used if nessicary. Espically when concerning
the Page Elspeth or her child. Remember, she’s one of us,
placed into our care. Let’s treat her like one of our own.

Yours in service to the Rose,
Lt. Haplo Darkblade
Keeper of the Annals


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