The Book of Haplo – The Keeper Returns – Haplo
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – The Keeper Returns – Haplo

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Junior-Grade Haplo
RE: The Keeper Returns

My apologies for my absentee reports. As of late I’ve been
spending alot of time on my own raising funds for my magery
experience. Not an excuse, just a reason.

As for the current state of affairs, I’ve some news to
report. Of course those of you who were along for the foray
into the ice dungeon don’t need my report on what happend,
so I’ll keep it brief. We made it out alive after some
trouble with ice and frost elementals. A commendatation to
those who call came (I’m not going to list everyone because
I don’t remember everyone)

After our successful trip into the ice dungeon, a trip over
to harass the orcs seemed to be a good idea. Draven made
the call and Myself, Darius, Gal, Shadow, and Venom headed
over to give them some grief. Unfortunately, things went
bad. After some bad recon work by my part, we sorely
underestimated their number and ended up getting trapped
and barly escaping with our lives.

Things continued to slowly spiral downwards as an attack by
the CA nearly decimated our number. Again, several of us
were there, but it seemed disorganized and unruly. General,
I do believe some cooperative training missions may be in
order. It seems we’ve all forgotten how to take orders and
everyone seems to be wondering aimlessly about. Perhaps the
troops need to be reminded that the best way to stay alive
is to follow orders and stay close together.

As for affairs in the world at large,
Winterfell continues it’s decline. The church has broken
away from Winterfell proper, as has house Shadune. Things
are not looking good there. Martial law is still in effect
in Trinsic, and it seems the pirates have been causeing
more and more trouble there. Perhaps a foray into Trinsic
to show the pirates that they are not wanted there might
not be a bad idea.

The Alliance seems to be getting restless again. Perhaps
the Guardian tired of their disorganization and has begun
to exert some force in getting them back on track.

Finally, I’m disturbed about the code. I’ve been trying to
keep track of markers that have been handed out, but it
seems that none are being given. Is it that the code is not
being taken seriously? Or perhaps the men have just ceased
to interact with society’s mainstream. If it’s the former,
then a reminder might not be a bad idea, if it’s the
latter, that concerns me. Inteligence is one of the most
important things for us, and if we lack information as to
what’s going on in the world, then we put ourselves at
risk. We need to make sure the men our out there, doing
what they need to do. Our strenth in the future lies in the
markers that we hand out now. The code must be adhered to
or abandoned.

Finally, it seems that something new is coming about. Im
researching it now and will inform you more when I can
gather some solid information.

Yours in service to the Rose,
Lt. JG Haplo Darkblade
Keeper of the Annals


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