The Book of Haplo – The Story of Anubis Chapter 1- The Begining of Life – Anubis
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – The Story of Anubis Chapter 1- The Begining of Life – Anubis

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Anubis
RE: The Story of Anubis Chapter 1- The Begining of Life

Chapter 1- The Begining of Life

Circa -25 years

A child was born in Vesper today, to Sir Garthis and Lady
Tamella, they named their son after the great Magi-King
that brought peace during the Age of the Warlords. Garthis
was a solider who served under Lord British for over 20
years, he had since retired and ran a small provisioners
shop in South Vesper. Lady Tamella sold her tailored goods
there. The family was very happy; their son would serve the
good Lord British like his father had, but not before he
got some meat on his bones. When the son of Garthis was
finally old enough to work, he was sent into the forests to
chop trees and craft bows to sell at the family shop. In
another year he would be off to enlist in the Society of
the Iron Rose. His father was so proud of his hard working
son; he would be a great solider.

Circa -5 years

Anubis son of Garthis was but a day away from riding off to
his destiny in the SIR. His going away party had been a sad
but joyous occasion. He spent his last night walking along
the beach in South Vesper. He would often come here at dusk
to clear his mind of
the worries of the day. He had quite an extensive
collection of seashells to prove it. Tonight he was not
thinking of shells, but how much he would miss Vesper and
his family. But most of all his betrothed, Lady Nephythys.

It was getting late and he was about to head for home when
he happened upon a most unusual shell. Or what he thought
to be a shell. He picked it up and took a closer look at
it; suddenly he was struck with fear. This was no shell; it
was a human skull! He went to throw it into the sea, but
stopped and examined it closer. Staring into the sockets he
could make out a faint red light, “it must be magical” he
thought to himself. Just then a white mist poured from the
skulls mouth and engulfed him.

Anubis awoke on the beach the next morning to the yell of
his mother. Later that day he rode of to the Iron Rose
training camp.

Circa -1 year

Anubis rose through the ranks of the SIR quickly after just
one year he had received a commission and by the end of
four he had taken command of the Society. Eventually a SIR
scout discovered that there was another society, the Black
Rose Society that was still active. In the annals it was
written that the SIR was once part of the BRS. So Captain
Anubis sought out the BRS headquarters. An alliance was
formed and eventually the two societies merged together
once more. Anubis retained his rank as Captain and after
the retirement of Major Lazarus Shade, assumed the position
of General Rahls’ Second in command.


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