The Book of Haplo – The Story of Anubis Chapter 3- The Beginning of the Darkness – Anubis
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – The Story of Anubis Chapter 3- The Beginning of the Darkness – Anubis

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Anubis
RE: The Story of Anubis Chapter 3- The Beginning of the Darkness

Chapter 3- The Beginning of the Darkness

Present day

Captain Anubis sat at his desk reading ancient text from a
book that appeared older than the land itself. His most
recent purchase to his collection and by far his most
costly. Carefully he turned the brittle pages, straining to
make out the arcane words. His books gave him an
escape from the politics he dealt with as captain; long
hours of debate and conflict can wear a man down.

Lighting struck and the desert rains came. This would be a
most violent storm this night, getting up from his desk he
went to the window to close the shutters.

Back to his desk and into his book. The clock struck 2 in
the morning when he had come to a most bizarre chapter. The
text was difficult to translate, this book had proven to be
a most vile and hideous writing so far, he thought perhaps
it would give him some insight to the origins of the very
evil that cursed the land today.

Even as the words swept across his lips he knew he had made
a most grievous error, horror filled his very soul. Quickly
he slammed the book shut and threw it into the fire…it
did not burn.

A man came to visit that very night asking if Anubis would
be willing to sell the book, normally he would be more than
happy to be rid of the evil thing but something was

Anubis sat at his desk, saddened at the loss he now felt.
For over a decade he had maintained the balance, keeping
the dark powers at bay. The transformation had already
begun. A clump of flesh fell from his face, exposing the
bone visage that was his true self. His mortality was
slipping…quickly he took his quill and wrote a letter to
General Rahl.

The Captain called for his messenger, ordered him to
deliver the message to the General and released the boy
from service upon completion. After an hour the
transformation was complete the Lich Lord rose to his feet
and walked to the window of his tower, his glowing red eyes
piercing the darkness. “Well now where to begin…”


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