The Book of Haplo – The Story of Anubis Chapter 4- The End of the Darkness – Anubis
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – The Story of Anubis Chapter 4- The End of the Darkness – Anubis

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Anubis
RE: The Story of Anubis Chapter 4- The End of the Darkness

Chapter 4- The End of the Darkness

Little is known of the happenings that transpired after the
lich walked the land. We know that it spent a good deal of
time in the service of the Crimson Alliance. We know for a
time the lich was in the service of the Dark Goddess
Kishara serving as a Ringwielder in an attempt to bring
about the age of destruction. And we know how he met his
end as detailed below…

The stars were aligned in a most disturbing manner. Lord
Anubis sat poised in thought in his throne room.

The desert winds had picked up since nightfall the tower
would have seemed quite cool if he had been able to sense
the chill. He had no desire to complete his last
experiment; it was almost perfected; yet he lacked the
drive to finish this night.

The candles flickered in his chamber, he had no need of
them for visual purposes, only a comfort of life gone by.
Then it appeared before him. The only thing he dreaded the
sight of, the thing he loathed, the apparition.

The shade came forth from the air walking towards him.

“What do you want now?” the lich snapped.

The shade hovered there before him and smiled. Anubis
focused on the main body of the spirit and through it saw a
faint figure.

A deep voice shot into the room. “This is your end lich!”

The spirit faded and a man suited in blackened armor
stepped forward, his velvet purple cape swept behind him.

Anubis’ eyes ignited with anger at the intruder as he
prepared a spell, but he was not fast enough.

“Tilakari” the warrior spoke as grin came to his bearded
face. The lich froze.

“You see this is your end for I have learned your true
name.” The warrior continued. “You see the mans body you
took he was my friend and well now, he wants it back.”

The lich spoke, “Well you may be able to control me, but
this body is mine now…” The warrior reached into his pack
pulled out a silver amulet.

“Not anymore.”

A beam of white light shot forth from the amulets gem
tearing through the liches body. The pain was immense and
total for the lich. The light was actually driving him out
of the corpse he possessed. Tilakari struggled against the
power of the amulet but failed. Soon the light was gone as
he felt himself pummeled into the earth below.

The ghost appeared once more. The warrior began to chant in
ancient tongue the amulet glowing brightly. The body of
Anubis rose from the cold stone and began to reform into a
living being. The apparition looked towards the warrior and
nodded with a faint smile and stepped into the body.

And with the destruction of the lich, it came to be that
the spirit, which possessed the body of Captain Anubis, was
cast out into the realm of the dead once more. Left to
dwell in search of a new body. It would not be long before
he would manifest in a new form, weakened and full of rage.

The Captain lay on the cold earth unable to move. The shock
from the transfer was great, darkness fell upon him and he
rested. He awoke to the sound of a smith’s hammer pounding
hot iron. He was in a small house; the sounds of the jungle
filled the air outside. Looking up from his bed he saw a
strong dark skinned man standing over and anvil. He blinked
at the overwhelming site of the colors of the world, colors
he had not seen for far too long.

Anubis struggled to sit.

“Easy der Cap’n you’ve had a rough night.” the smithy said.

“Kendal?” he asked faintly making out the features of the
mans face.

“Get some rest sir, we’ve got a long trip in the morn, I
almost got yer armor ready, and the horses are out back.”

“Wha…, where are we going?”

“Northwood, sir. I suspect the Roses will be happy to see
“How long have I…” Anubis drifted back to sleep.


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