The Book of Haplo – The Troubles with Northwood – Haplo
July, 1999
The Book of Haplo – The Troubles with Northwood – Haplo

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Junior-Grade Haplo
RE: The Troubles with Northwood

Brothers and Sisters,

For the third time in as many days, I come to you with a
report of events. Sadly this time, I fear the worst.
Several things too place over the course of last eve, that
has led me to great worry.

You’ve all read Swiftwinds account of last evenings events.
(I’ve attached a copy of it to this report) it seems that
the girl Elspith is somehow involved in this mess with the
lich and Matt. Strangely enough this lich seems to have
some personal vendetta against the Lance Corporal. We need
to get to the bottom of this. I would like to dedicate top
resources to this, but as you will read below a dire
situation is upon us even more than this Lich and his
obsession with us. At the very least I would like to
acertain what the connectoin is between Matt, Matt’s sister
and this Lich is, and where is this 6000 year old lich
from, what are his goals? Anyone that can find any
information I urge you to do so.

No on to other matters. Gentlemen, I fear a situation of
the gravest kind is occuring right now in our home of
Northwood. War has again been declaired between House Scott
and House Shadune. Events leading up to the decleration are
sketchy. It seems that the Shadunes are claiming that the
Scotts and some people from Trinsic affiliated with the
Emerald Empire have been attacking them in their tower.
Theh Scotts are insisting that the Shaddunes are attacking
innocents unprovoked. Last evening, Vethnos and Fox were
both attacked by a Shaddune mage. Vethnos insists this
attack was unsolicted, but upon further investigation, I
was able to find that the Winterfellian Outriders had
attacked the Shadune’s tower prior to the attack on Veth
and Fox.

Gentlemen this is a tangled mess. I’ve stepped up as a sort
of mediator between the two houses. I have yet to contact
house Scott in this matter, but the Shadunes are willing to
accept us as peace keepers for the time being. I could not
convice the Elindril to withdraw his declaration of war,
however, he has assured me that for the time being, no
offensive moves are going to be made against the Scotts.
However any Scott wandering in Shadune territory will be
killed on sight. This is the best I could do for now.

A speedy end needs to be brought to this conflict. I fear
the orcs and CA are smelling the dissention that’s in
northwood and are going to push to eliminate everyone
there. It will do us no good to be fighting a three front
war, therefore we MUST NOT PROVOKE EITHER HOUSE for the
time being. YOU NOW are the peace keepers. TRY to settle
all arguements without use of lethal force. However the
Shaddunes have been warned, if any of you are attacked,
they have ME to answer to. Try to see what you can find
out. Talk to the Scotts and the Shaddunes, and most
importantly, quietly watch what’s going on. If the Scotts
provoke an attack, I want to know about it. If the
Shaddunes send elementals in to Scott territory, I want to
INFORMATION. If I get a report that one of you was around
to see something, and I’m not told about it, YOU HAVE ME TO
ANSWER TO. This is no joke Ladies and Gentlemen. I want to
know if a Scott SNEEZES in Shaddune’s general direction. I
need EXACT incidents, people involved and if you can,
dialog of what is said. This is the ONLY way to prevent the
total distrucion of Northwood in yet another senseless
bloodbath. Not to mention, I don’t relish being the only
ones around left to fight off the Orcs and Alliance when
they come to loot the burnt out buildings.

Brothers, you have your work cut out for you. Proceed. I
have faith that you will all be able to work towards a
peaceful ending to this. I will give you this. Take no shit
from these two parties. If you are attacked, use lethal
force. We are not to be trifiled with, and I’ll kill every
Scott and every Shadune myself if I hear they aret trying
to goad us in to choosing sides.

Yours in service to the Rose,
Lt. JG Haplo Darkblade
Keeper of the Annals


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