The Book of Muerdetta – Chronicle Five – The Race – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
The Book of Muerdetta – Chronicle Five – The Race – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: Chronicle Five – The Race

Chapter Five

I don’t know how much longer we can run.

Our defeat at the Samaran Pass was crippling. When we
started this march from Elindale we were three thousand
strong, now we number less than seven hundred. Arogho’s
enchanted armies are dogging us every step of the way. I’m
not entirely certain we’ll be able to make it to the
Saurian Plain if their incessant skirmishing keep taking
small chunks out of what’s left of the Society.

The men are starting to realize that our losing streak
began when David…pardon…Lieutenant Silvan died at the
Glittering Falls. I think they’re starting to realize his
tactical genius and my tactical ineptitude. I tried to tell
the Council of Officers that I was a scholar, not a
tactician. And now the men know. I’m sure it probably wont
be long before someone gets desperate and makes an attempt
to see me replaced. Most of the senior unit commanders know
that David and I had been lovers for years out of the
public eye, and this will help fuel the conspiracy.

But I will not become a victim to despair yet.

I may not be a tactician, but there are some things I do
know very well. Years ago, while T’Panga was still Captain,
and Arogho’s army fled Galoway Point, the wizard managed to
make a terrible mistake. He left behind a book in his
abandoned encampment. And I’m sure he’s missing it
desperately by now. The very thought gives me tingles. The
book, though still in translation, appears to be some
manner of sacred Codex involving Tablenhelm, and it appears
to contain the requisite information for crossing the ways.
Perhaps if we can not defeat Arogho, we can run beyond the
very edge of the world itself to escape him.

That’s why the Saurian Plain. It is said in the book to
contain the Gate to travel the Ways from our world. Arogho
rules this place, and he will not stop dogging us until
we’re dead. I intend to take the Society from this place
and save our legacy from being destroyed by this mad wizard.

I just hope we can make it in one piece.


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