The Book of Muerdetta – Chronicle Nine – Restlessness – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
The Book of Muerdetta – Chronicle Nine – Restlessness – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: Chronicle Nine – Restlessness

Chapter Nine

This little burg, Trinsic I think it’s called, is quite a
seductive oasis.

The few men remaining loyal to the Society are slowly being
drawn in by the place, and I suppose it’s partially my
fault for garrisoning us here for so many years. The city
fathers love us; a group of highly trained soldiers is a
welcome addition to any town so close to the treacherous
jungle regions. However, I’ve begun to feel lately that by
allowing us to stay, allowing the men to have wives and
children, I’ve somehow wounded the Society and torn it from
what it was truly meant to be.

But after what we’ve seen, no one really wants to think
about Mengst’s divine mission.

Even though we survived the Ways and have been living here
in this new town and this new world for more than ten years
now, I still feel we are being watched by our old adversary
Arogho. I know he won’t let us get away with his most
prized secrets, no matter what he has to do to get them
back and seek his revenge. For some reason I’ve been
feeling more and more nervous about it lately.

All these factors combined is what brought me to my
decision this morning that the Society will march by the
end of the week. I’m not sure where we’ll be marching to,
but think of somewhere. Word has it that there’s a bit of a
war going on in the northlands. Perhaps we’ll head that
way. Find a good fight, do some recruiting, and get back up
to par. The remaining company wasn’t happy with the
decision at all, the two score men that still wear their
uniforms don’t want to leave their homes and families. But
we must or else in scant few years there will be no more
Black Rose Society, just the Trinsic Guard, once made up of
the battered and broken men who appeared mysteriously out
of the jungle one autumn evening.

As I grow older I know now that I have failed in my duties
to this bunch. Time and time again I’ve led us down the
wrong path into death and despair. With any luck, this
march will take us to a land where I can repay my debt to
my beloved brothers.

Some of the men are arguing outside…. I suppose I should go
quiet them down before they make a scene.

Semper Servuus

Captain Delayne Muerdetta

The Black Rose Society


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