The Book of Rahl – Chapter Fifteen – The Life of a Daemon – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
The Book of Rahl – Chapter Fifteen – The Life of a Daemon – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: Chapter Fifteen – The Life of a Daemon

The Life of a Daemon – Aragos’ Story

…And so i stand hereon the top of a lighthouse in the new
lands. Thinking of what has transpired over the last few
months. I stand here lokking over the cliff, down to the
crashing waves below. I see the turmoil that the waves
bring in, and how it resembles what has happened. I cannot
tell everything of my past, for i do not remember it all.
From what i remember, i was a troubled child. I do not know
why i always didbad and evil things, but i know i always
ended them. My mother loved me, but shecould’nt control me.
She was left with no choice but to me up to the monks ofthe
Empath Abbey. While there i learned respect, and
discipline. I learned to love back thepeople who loved me.
Eventually i had to leave the monks to begin my life.
Butstill i had evil urges, and i never knew why. I didnt
always overcome them, and it got me into a little trouble
when i began my life. But i did turn it around after a
while. While living i found ihad found that i had a talent
for the arcane arts. I also taught myself quite wellin the
use of a crossbow. I felt my skills were not being put to
good use, untili was drafted by a loose bunvh of mercs that
called themselves The Black Rose Society. While serving
with these roses, i met a wonderful young lady by thename
of Thorengelda. Over time i found that i had feelings for
her, Eventually i learned the she had feelings for me. It
was theses feelings that saved me frommy own prison. When
for the first time that i met my father, i ws mortified to
see it was adeamon. The beast seduced my mother, and from
this came me. This is where all myevil came from. It was my
deamon side trying to surface, but my good side madeit lay
dormant. Until HE showed up. My father showed up to tell Me
that it wastime take my place by his side. He said whether
or not i choose to, i will behis. I do not remeber much of
the following weeks, but i will go of the reportsi heard of
my actions. I heard that i went on a rampage. That alot of
the times my eyes where filledwith blood, and didnt know
where i was, or what i was doing. I was doing thingsthat if
i were in my right mind, i would have never done. Like
murdering, andattacking my friends. When i heard that my
father came after my friend LazarusShade, i knew that he
would not give up, and i would be his. I had to come to
atough decision. I knew giving into him was the only way.
In doing this, it wouldaccomplish two things. For one it
would buy me some time, for two it got meclose to him to
find a weakness. I found that weakness. I t was
hisoverconfidence.He would blindly go into a fight, even
when the odds were greatlyagainst him. This came true when
under his direct control, i was told to killLazarus Shade
for treachery. Unfortunatly i had no choice but to attack
him, but while attacking him, icame to my senses for a
short time. Enough time, however, to stop attacking, andto
tell my father that i would not kill my friend. I was
quikly slapped downbymy father. He hit me so hard that i
was knocked out. When i awoke, i found myfather dead, and
an entire unit of Black roses standing above him. But i
wasstill under his influence. I ran to his body, sobing for
him. I arose to my feetand cryed out “everyone shall pay”.
This is when the feelings saved my from myprison. It took
the love of one person to bring me out. That person
wasThorenGelda. But even after this, i was still not free
from hell. As if something wasstill holding on to me.
THrough all this, my relationship grew with Gel quitewell.
We knew we were meant for each other. But it was’nt until a
littleincident most recently that we knew this to be true.
On a day most recently, for some reason, i was drawn to the
Halls of Justicein Yew. When i went there, i found Gelda
there, waiting for me. She knew i was coming. After a brief
embrace, she brought out of her pocket. It was a ball of
crystal in a crimson hue. Where she acquired this i do not
know, but i felt its prescence. SHe told me that i must
crush this. I was hesitant at first, but eventually i did
crush it. At the time it was crushed, it exploded, and
shotinto me. I felt i was whole, and free from my hell. My
soul was now complete,and it was because Geldas soul was
now apart of mine. Two became one. There wasonly one more
thing to do after this. I got down on one knee, and
proposed toher. She accepted, and know we are on our way to
being together in soul, and inbody. …And so i stand her
on the top of the lighthouse. I cannot tell everythingof my
past, for i do not remember all of it, but i can tell you
what my futurewill be.

“Live as one, fight as one”


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