The Book of Rahl – Chapter Nine – Sandoval’s Story – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
The Book of Rahl – Chapter Nine – Sandoval’s Story – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: Chapter Nine – Sandoval”s Story

***The story of Lord Sandoval***





The evil is everywhere…

Like a cancer it eats away at our souls. The gates of Hell
stand open,

spewing forth it’s venomous, disease ridden filth upon the

Britania, my home, stands chest deep in the blood of the

The evil feeds and grows with each passing second.

I must stop it.

It started so long ago….

A thousand years past, a stranger from the stars defeated

shattering the gem of immortality and freed our land from

darkness. He left our world, never to return. Years later, a

darker evil struck. Minax, the enchantress took hold on

Her rule lasted hundreds of years. Again, one man stood

the evil. The Great Lord Sandoval struck her down in a
battle that

cost him his life. The martyred warrior lives on only in

and the songs of Bards, and few at that. The stories were
told to

me by my mother when I was a young child.

I was born Gabriel Ki Kalendeen, in what was once the town
of Paws,

which used to lie to the southwest of the great city of

Paws has since been swallowed by the great city and is now

the protection of Lord British’s guards. This was not
always the

case, however. Back in the days of my youth, we lived apart

the city, making and enforcing our own laws.

As I stated previously, my mother, Aryana Ki Kalendeen, was
a master

Bard, well traveled and very knowledgable about our land
and it’s

people. With her words, she painted beautiful pictures of
our world,

full of color and life in every detail. My father,
Alexander Ki

Kalendeen, was a miner. During the long days of summer, he

take me with him to the west, at Miner’s Pass. While
digging for

the precious ore that sustained our family, I would watch
the caravans

traverse the narrow valley, filled with items from Yew and
Skara Brae.

In the evening, my mother would tell us the stories of old,
and instruct

me in the art of archery. I can still hear her voice this

“If you ever travel the lands, you will meet many an
opponent who

desires what you carry. The world is full of rouges,
bandits, and

murderers. If they catch you, they will kill you. But
first, they

must catch you. Keep you distance, and you will keep your

How right she was, about everything. The night I returned
from the

pass and found their bloodied and broken bodies among the

remains of our house shall stay with me forever. Everything
I knew

was destroyed, and for what? An old bow? A few ingots? Or

for the thrill of killing? I may never know. Had I been
there, I

may have stopped them. Had I been there, the killers may
have been

brought to justice. Had I been there…. If only I could
have been


When I burried their bodies by the sea, a part of me was

with them… Who I was, where I came from, and all that I
had in

life. Gabriel Ki Kalendeen was burried that day with his

parents. Crying softly, I swore by my blood that they would

avenged. But how? I was but a simple miner’s apprentice
with small

skills in archery. I had but 100 gold pieces to my name and

mining equipment and practice bow I had taken with me to
the pass?

I prayed to God for answers.

Kneeling by the grave on that cold, rainy night, a

took place. My hands trembled and every muscle in my body

clenched so tightly that blood began to pour from my eyes,

and nose. I let out an anguished scream that tore from my

and rang across the land. When I came to my senses,

had changed. Physically, I was the same, but when I walked
to the

water and saw my moon-lit reflection, someone else’s eyes

back at me.

Laughter echoed through the night, along with several

immitations of my scream. I stalked closer, the scent of

filling my nostrils. It was so strong, like decaying meat on

a hot summer’s day. I followed. Soon, I came upon a small

Three men sat around a fire, laughing. One of them poked the

fire with his sword, another was making a poor attempt at

a lute, while the third sat in a drunken stupor. I gazed at

lute, illuminated by the amber glow of the fire. It was my

Fear should have filled me, but it didn’t. I wanted to rip

throats out and be sprayed by their spewing blood. I

After a time, the drunken man stood up. “I’s got ta go make

lads. Be back in a shake,” he said. He staggered in my

I held still, not daring to breath. He picked the tree next
to me

and began to relieve himself, setting down his heavy

Reaching into my pack, I pulled out my dagger.

There was a quick flash of steel across his throat,
reflecting in the

moon light. He let out a gurgling scream and fell to his
knees, blood

and urine spraying the tree. The sounds from the camp

“Trevor? You okay?” asked one of the men. The wooden clack
of my

newly acquired cross bow echoed through the night, and the
man dropped,

a bolt protruding from his grimy forehead. The third man
turned to run.

I darted after him, trying my best to reload the cross bow.
Luck was

with me. Aiming in his direction, I stopped and fired. The

whistled and struck, his sweet, anguished cries filling my
ears. I

walked towards the screaming. My bolt had struck the back
of his

leg, right above the knee. Rolling around on the ground in
pain, he

tried to pull the bolt free, snapping it. Upon seeing me,
he reached

for his dagger. I stepped on his hand, standing over him. A
look of

horror filled his eyes as I reloaded the crossbow and
pointed it at

him. He began to cry.

“Please, sir. Don’t kill me!” he begged. I stared into his

wondering if my parents had begged for their lives earlier
that day.

I felt cold inside, holding no pity or remorse. Slowly, I

cross bow to his chest. He cried out one last time as the
bolt pierced

his heart.

It was a good begining, but my work had just begun. I will
rid the

land of evil and will not stop until the gates of hell are

Since then, I have taken the name of Lord Sandoval, the
Avenger of

old. I have traveled the land searching evil, find it

Ogres, troll, and orcs inhabit the forests. Everywhere is

and decay.

Through my quest, I have made many friends who share a
common goal.

I have joined their guild, The Black Rose Society. Through

my resolve has been strengthened. I have seen too many of
my guild

brothers and sisters cut down by the cowardly evil that
attacks in

numbers. Terre LoveGrove, Lazarus Shade, ShadowSpawn,

The names go on and on. Their lives shall be avenged and I

bathe in the blood of their murderers!

Candy Bytch, Sephiroth, Rygar, Wilson, Avatar, and all
those who

prey upon the innocent, Your days are numbered! Now you
shall see

why you fear the night! I am coming for you…..


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