The Book of Rahl – Chapter Ten – Out of the frying pan…. – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
The Book of Rahl – Chapter Ten – Out of the frying pan…. – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: Chapter Ten – Out of the frying pan….

Out of the frying pan…..

This report from the Lieutenant came across my desk

Last night, at Kent’s, I met a woman who had some very
interesting information for us. She did not give a name,
but inquired how far the Society had progressed in learning
about its origins. She seems to know a great deal about the
Annals, and said that we must find the older volumes. She
also said that we shouldn’t bother looking for Turon’s
volumes. Aside from the ones that Myca and Kamir took with
them, the rest burned in Cove was sacked by the orcs all
those years ago.
She then went on to say this:
“In the crying ages after the Shattering, the Society’s
Annals were lost in their completion during a small bit of
business with one Tirelle Mosvani. I have reason to believe
that the city of Westergard, the city Lady Mosvani ruled
over, lies in ruins within the new lands that British is
currently feeling out.”
So, we may be able to find what we seek in the new lands
once they are open to further exploration. To do this, we
will have to seek out the ruins of the Westergard.
She had more to tell us, as well. It seems that the one
that called himself Lord Spirit, whom she referred to as
the Dream King, also pursues the Annals. Not because he is
curious about the contents, but that whatever game he plays
with us will be that much more entertaining to him if we
are ignorant of certain things. She seems to believe that
our origins would be enough to cause the people to hate us.
She wouldn’t elaborate on that, though.
The last thing she told me was that we should seek out any
and all information we can on the ancient goddess Kishara.
The only library she knows of that definitely has what we
seek is the library of Talbenhelm, which is no help at this
point. The woman said that everything with Kishara’s name
in it may have been burnt 5,000 years ago (again, she
didn’t say why).
So, it seems it would be in our best interests to learn all
we can about Kishara. I suggest we let the men know about
this and turn them loose, so to speak. Whatever we learn
would also aid us in this plot that the Dream King is up
There was one more thing. The lady showed me that she wears
a ring. One set with a large, blue stone. It reminds me a
great deal of the Fire Ring. It seems not all the ring
bearers are against us. Not entirely, at least.

Lt. JG Lazarus Shade


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