The Book of Rahl – Chapter Twenty-Four – The Winterfell Conflict – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
The Book of Rahl – Chapter Twenty-Four – The Winterfell Conflict – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: Chapter Twenty-Four – The Winterfell Conflict

A Submission to the Annals

Lt. JG Haplo

Edited by Amberle Jax

The Winterfell Conflict At a Glance

It all started with the death of Moddan Gunn. And it all
went down hill from there. Moddan Gunn, citizen of Trinsic,
fellow to Judas and the Emerald Empire. Past enemy of
Winterfell. Supposedly cleared, that was until the night of
his death. Details are still sketchy, and I do not even
pretend to have all the details, so I’ll will summarize
what I know about the situation. Moddan was in Northwood
for whatever reason, got arrested, but mouthed off.
Sandrella ordered Ellis Rain to silence him, and Ellis went
a bit too far and killed him. Whether or not it was
justified? Well, that’s the problem isn’t it?

Regardless of what happened. Trinsic demanded that Ellis
Rain be held for trial. King Shadune of Winterfell
declined. Tensions mounted. Lord British began to see
Northwood as a problem, and the Trinsic factions, fueled by
their on righteousness continued to press on Shadune for a
trial. Shadune finally agreed but to a trial in Winterfell
with Winterfell Presiding.

General Rahl offered his services as an impartial judge,
with Shadune and Rutger Dag as the other parts of the jury,
but Winterfell refused, citing Ellis Rain’s immunity
because of his affiliation with Winterfell. They insisted
that Ellis did not fall under Britanian law.

To make matters worse, Trinsic then demanded the trial of
Sandrella of Winterfell, lady of house Scott as it was her
order that moved to kill Gunn. Tensions continued to mount.
I sat in as mediator of an information gathering session
with Trinsic’s council. The Trinsic council had decided
they would proceed with economic sanctions against
Winterfell, but would not proceed with a military action.

Seemingly this situation defused, until Judas and some
citizens of Trinsic had need to enter Northwood for some
strangeness that was happening to the members of the
Emerald Empire. Things began to get tense, and members of
house Scott of Winterfell decided to support Judas in his
honorable quest against the orders of their king. Judas
being the stubborn man he is, aggravated the situation by
provoking Shadune. The result was a ruse by Shadune to weed
out the not faithful.

Shadune decided to fake reforming the Witan council and
abdicating the throne. Unbeknownst to us, he loaded the
with members who were sympathetic to his cause. He
used the council to point out who was loyal to him. He then
re-dissolved the council, having isolated the members of
house Scott as traitors, and banished them from Northwood
proper to a tower to the west.

While not sitting well, this did not dissolve Winterfell
yet. A move by Sigurd sealed the deal, in which he decided
to use the son of Sandrealla Scott, William II the blood
heir to the throne, (apparently Sandrella abdicated the
throne to Shadune because of complications with her
pregnancy of William). Sigurd bid to reclaim the throne for
house Scott by using William. The result was Civil War.


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