The Castle: Casting Call – Session Notes – 27 June 2020
July, 2020
The Castle: Casting Call – Session Notes – 27 June 2020

16 June, 2025 – 30 July 2025 – Dubai, U.A.E. – New York City

After the party rests and settles in for a few days, everyone sits down together after dinner.

John says there was a man named Theodore who helped them escape. He had arranged for the supplies and had been responsible for the drone strike that helped them get past the navy ships. He had said he was a relative of Emily’s. She identifies him as the man who warned her of her impending capture in California and told her of the address of John’s sanctuary.

There’s a brief discussion about what everyone will do when they reach New York. John says they’re welcome to stay with him as long as they need, and he has accommodations for all. He says he’ll be doing some research about the Division and may be able to divert work their way as part of his normal activities as an information broker and fixer.

At this point, Daphne begins speaking with Boober about what she is and where she came from. (During the conversation, Boober appears to the whole party to dispel any beliefs that Daphne is hallucinating.) During the conversation, Boober reveals that Daphne has been “sent”, along with the other three Daughters (for each season), and makes some cryptic comments about a coming conflict.

The party makes the Atlantic crossing in relative peace, spending time in private pursuits. Five weeks later, a small yacht picks the party up off the coast of New York and delivers them to a pier on the West side of Manhattan.

The party finally meets Alfred, John’s right-hand man, and his chauffeur Ian. When Ian sees Daphne, he falls to his knees and recites some sort of litany, obviously recognizing something in her heritage. The party piles into a pair of Escalades and are dropped off on a corner near Times Square.

Halfway up the block, John stops at an empty stretch of brownstone between a bodega and a bar, gathers the party around him. He asks them if they know Harry Potter, then turn the party to the wall, discovering that it’s gone, revealing a narrow alley road. The road is filled with storefronts catering to the supernatural, from apothecaries to specialty sundries.

John leads the party to a heavy metal door and escorts them into a dark space. He leads them across a room and then, with some flair, says “Welcome…to…” and he pulls a curtain back, revealing the house of a Broadway theater. He stutters though when he sees Mr. Jones sitting in the middle of the house. Jones is in plainclothes, and those in the party that can sense life state that he’s not really there, and is just a projection of some sort.

”Well,” says Jones. “You made it. Congrats.” He sighs and gets up to leave. “You let one of them in your house, John. You know what they plan. You know there’s an invasion coming.”

“Then let us hope,” John responds, “that our new masters are gentler than the last.”

Jones sighs and waves goodbye. “I guess we’ll see. Until then… “

“Welcome…to The Castle….”


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