The Castle: Strange Days, Stranger Nights – Session Notes – 1 May 2021
The Castle: Strange Days, Stranger Nights – Session Notes – 1 May 2021

August 23rd, 2025 – Cleveland

While Emily rents a house in Cleveland under a false identity, Hugo drives the party past the address they have for the Division facility, which turns out to be a boarded-up office space in a strip mall in a quiet neighborhood outside of downtown. The party gets to the rented house, orders in some food, and beds down.

Several hours later, Samantha arrives and when asked how she knew their whereabouts, points out that the party is driving her van. They wait until after dark and head back to the Division office.

On the outside, there’s nothing remarkable. There is a small sign at the door identifying the location as “Insurers and Investment Partners, LLC.”, and a padlock and chain secures the door. It appears to have been there for years or more. Emily identifies one older-model computer inside and Emma detects no signs of life. Daphne picks the lock and Sam and the party move in.

They find nothing remarkable – it is an abandoned office. Largely, but not completely cleaned out, and the dust undisturbed for years. The party spreads out to explore when a heavy metal door slams shut, locking them in. The party is assaulted by shadow creatures, much like the ones that attacked Seamus in Las Vegas. Sam attacks the shadows with gusto, manifesting armor and blades much like Daphne’s, except where Daphne’s armor is amber and gold, Sam’s is a bright yellow and deep green. Also during the fight, Emily discovers that they are a form of construct, perhaps of the Technocracy, and battles one in cyberspace instead of the material world.

In the fighting, Sam is grievously wounded, and when the party finally prevails, they find that she has succumbed to her wounds and died.


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