The Castle: Strange Days, Stranger Nights – Session Notes – 12 September 2020
September, 2020
The Castle: Strange Days, Stranger Nights – Session Notes – 12 September 2020

August 19th, 2025 – New York City

The party continues to work out what to do with the information they’ve discovered. Daphne asks several questions of Boober, who mentions the party is being watched.
Most of the party heads to the roof and takes a look around. Seamus gets a sense that they’re being watched from the roof of the building across the street.

The party finds their way to the rooftop across the street and a man-sized blur in the air attempts to take a swipe at Daphne but barely misses. Cole attacks it but is stabbed and grievously wounded. Hugo hits the rewind button.

Hugo informs the party of what would happen if they go across the street and everyone agrees to stay put. Boober says that the agent across the street is the Winter Knight, who is typically not sent to play nice with people. This is especially concerning if the party is now being hunted not just by the Division, but also the Sidhe as well.

The next day, the party is discussing their next course of action, when Emma senses an extremely intense life force outside the building.

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  1. Patricia Gillian

    The group was mostly gathered in one place, talking. Some of the others wanted to go on the offensive and attack the Division. Margaret was not too fond of the idea. She pointed out that she was not much of a fighter; yes, she was undead, and was a lot stronger than she had been. That did not mean that she could fight, though, something which some of the others seemed to have problems grasping. Just like putting a gun in someone’s hand would not make that someone an expert marksman, giving her supernatural strength would not make her a good fighter.

    Then one of the others suggested they vote on it. Had she still needed to breathe, she would probably have choked at that. She tried to point out that the others were free to go off and stir things up, but they really shouldn’t expect everyone to want to join in. At least not in the way that some of the others seemed to expect. As backup, sure. Help with digging up information, that she could do. Help planning an attack, insofar this group would try to plan anything at all, of course she would join in. The actual fighting, however? She would very much prefer not to.

    As for the vote, they weren’t even clear on what they were going to vote on. The closest she seemed to be able to get was ‘let’s go out and do something aggressive and violent’. A lot of less than kind comments popped into her head, but she decided to keep them to herself.

    Then Daphne’s invisible friend told them, through Daphne, that someone was watching them from the other side of the street. Pretty much everyone rushed off up to the roof to find out more. A short while later, they headed downstairs, and, Margaret assumed, across the street to deal with whoever was there.

    Except, a few minutes later, they all came back, mumbling something about how Hugo had seen them getting their asses handed to them by whoever had been watching them. According to Daphne’s invisible friend, that someone was the Winter Knight. But of course it was.

    The Winter Knight was bad news, in more ways than one. He was powerful, of course. And he was sidhe. Meaning that they might now somehow have managed to make enemies of another group in addition to the Division. Not a cheerful thought to retire on for the night. Margaret could only hope that whatever had not happened, but might have would have been caused by a misunderstanding or something, and that it would be possible to at least solve the most recent problem by talking rather than fighting.


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