The Castle: Strange Days, Stranger Nights – Session Notes – 19 June 2021
The Castle: Strange Days, Stranger Nights – Session Notes – 19 June 2021

August 24th, 2025 – Cleveland, Shenandoah Valley National Park, Virginia

As the party works to recover from the assault, the massive dragon lands in the middle of the street and John approaches from down the road, carrying the 50-calibre rifle from Dubai. A number of events and conversations happen somewhat piled on top of one another:

  • There’s a 50-yard radius centered on where Emma was standing where there’s no life at all. All of the foliage is dead and brown – presumably the result of essentially resurrecting Jamie and Hugo.
  • The dragon seems to be radiating waves of alternate reality – causing anyone who gets close to get visions of different worlds, some lush, some dead. When Daphne and Seamus get close their fae-world forms are revealed. As Emma approaches the dragon, the party sees threads of force spinning away from her like threads of a tapestry. Grass regrows and flower bloom everywhere she steps. The dragon seeks contact with Emma, who can now feel the creature’s location and disposition. It also offers up a bow – such as is possible by a dragon – to Daphne.
  • John had been waiting for the party in Chicago, and when it became apparent they weren’t going to show up, followed leads to Toronto, and then, when the Division discovered Emily’s poor attempt at deception, followed the Division strike force to the party’s location in Cleveland.
  • Daphne questions Boober pretty extensively:
    • Concerning Balance: “The two worlds have grown almost completely apart.” The balance that Titania and Mab spoke of doesn’t really apply to any balance between the fae and mortal worlds.
    • When asked if he can provide protection for Daphne in the mortal realm like she has in the fae realm: “We already did.”

The party decides finally to travel to the Shenandoah Valley Site and confront whatever is there. After stopping at a sporting goods store to prepare for the hike, the party hikes into the night to the facility. They approach quietly and observe a helicopter and a large van parked outside the main building. Margaret scouts inside the fence line and finds a number of dead soldiers scattered around with blade wounds. While trying to determine what to do next, Emily finds a bit of printed plastic in the dirt in their hiding place. It reads, “You know I can see the future right? Just come in.”

The party throws up their collective hands and marches up to the front door of the large building.


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