The Lady’s Hand: Part Two – Alexander Rahl
November, 1999
The Lady’s Hand: Part Two – Alexander Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: First Sergeant Alexander Rahl
RE: The Lady”s Hand: Part Two

The Lady’s Hand fell into the chair behind his desk,
exhausted from his day. The golden armor and the badges of
his office lay in a neat pile in the corner. He idly
looked at a few intelligence reports while gnawing on some
meat and cheese that had been left out for his return.

“You killed Tarek.” She said as she glided in from the
bedchamber, her gossamer robe hanging open and drifting
along behind her.

“He tried my patience.”

Kishara walked up to the desk and perched herself on its
corner, resting her bare feet in the General’s lap.

“You’re not one to be wasteful,” she continued, an amused
yet alluring grin on her face, ”and Tarek has been by your
side for over ten years. Why?”

“I don’t know,” said Alexander, having given up attempting
to read the reports around Her bare thighs and leaning back
in his chair. “Something he said just set me off for some
reason. He was dead before I knew I had killed him.”

“Hmm.” She replied thoughtfully, but quickly shook it
off. “I have no quarrel with it, the man was a pig. But why
replace him with Thames? His sadism has always been his
most…pronounced asset, but it’s a concerning one with him
in such a position of power.”

“He doesn’t hold a candle to Whisper’s malice, and he had
even more power.”

“And, you’ll note,” she retorted, giving his groin a
playful nudge with her toes, “ he failed me. And then you
slew him.”

“After millennia of service to you. No, Thames will work
out fine. His respect of me and his fear of you will keep
him in line. He’s a decent enough tactician for the job.”

A devilish grin played across Her face then, and She hopped
off the desk into his lap, straddling him, and pressed Her
face close to his.

“And young Salmnow?” she asked, running her hands under his

Alexander took a deep sigh then, and seemed to be consumed
with thoughts within.

“Ohhh…now, now,” she cooed. “You can’t hide anything from
me and you know it; especially not after the years we’ve
had together. You were a blacksmith once…as a boy.”

He looked up into her eyes then, and they locked, staring
into each other’s souls.

“Even the son of a poor tailor woman. The son of a soldier
who came and went from your mother’s life just as Salmnow’s
father did.”

“I’m above such sentiment,” he said quietly, staring into
her eyes.

“Are you?” She said with a playful smile, nudging closer to
him if that were possible. “You are indeed a killer of
killers, dear lover,” she said, laying kisses on his
face, “you are indeed.”

Without warning, She sprung from his lap and glided to the
door, letting the robe fall from her shoulders and she
floated into the bedchambers.

“Come to bed Alexander,” she said over her shoulder, “it’s

Alexander took a moment to remember Salmnow’s second fault;
the boy had a real conscience, grown from the Priest’s
drugs having little or no effect on him. And for a moment
Alexander remembered someone else in his life, another
Terath-Ambul, who had suffered the same “affliction”.

“Alexander…” came the voice from the bedchambers, carrying
with it the promise of a very, very late night.

He shook off the reverie and gazed at the stack of reports
and documents on his desk, each one needing his immediate
attention. He looked at the bedchamber, illuminated with
hundreds of tiny candles, and the tips of Her toes on the
bed within view through the door. He looked back at his

“Fuck the reports,” he whispered, already moving to his bed.


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