The Last Legion Archetypes
January, 2011
The Last Legion Archetypes

The following is a list of character archetypes for the campaign.  Each will provide a certain payload of skills and merits above and beyond those available during character creation and will also contribute greatly to your character’s place in the world.  Each player will select a primary and a secondary archetype, where primary provides a greater level of proficiency than secondary.  You may select the same archetype as both primary and secondary and will receive a small bonus for doing so, but the character will suffer issues of diversity.

  • Line Officer: Proficiency in the operations of capital ships of all types, including large planetary landing craft, and trained in tactics of same.
  • Aerospace Pilot: Proficiency in the operations, gunnery, and tactics of small aerospace craft.  Also covers manually-operated turret gunnery on any flying craft.
  • Surface Warrior: Proficiency in the operations and tactics of ground-based weapons of war, including tanks, fixed batteries, giant robots, etc..
  • Engineer: Proficiency in the repair and maintenance of all of the critical technologies in use by mankind, from jump drives to tank transmissions, to zero-g toilets.
  • Doctor: Proficiency in the repair and maintenance of people, including cybernetics and neural interfaces.
  • Commando: Proficiency in small arms, survival, intrusion, and security.


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