The Last Legion Wakes
August, 2011
The Last Legion Wakes

There is a hallway.  Were it not for a dim, flickering emergency light casting long, stark shadows across the steel bulkhead, it would be utterly dark.
A small gold wedding ring floats here, glinting in the harsh light, spinning slowly on a breeze stirred up by a gas exchange in another far-off passage.  Its owner had thought it lost, dropped between the deck plates, unreachable.  It drifts for a time until it collides with a small ruby-red sphere, which sets in motion a chain of collisions across a thousand more little ruby-red spheres, until the entire passage comes alive in a dance of action and reaction.

A galaxy of tiny red suns, drifting in the dark.

A spray of blood, frozen in time.

The Last Legion wakes – September 10th.


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