Thoughts – Sarah Athens
January, 2002
Thoughts – Sarah Athens

Sarah sat hunched over the annals. The only sign she was even awake was that occasionally she would look up and then scribble something on a piece of paper or with a sigh of frustration to grab another book. Then she would return to an almost statue like state, hovered over the books.

She gave herself short and far between breaks from the annals. Her muscles screaming at her for the demand to move after such a long time stationary. Sometimes she would actually leave the books. Needing to completely break away from the research. Other times she would just stare out the south window….as if waiting for whatever had come that night to reappear before her. She knew it had come from the south…whether by boat or from Trinsic she was not sure. She was almost sure that Kishara and/or Tahl-mearis had some hand in all this. Though at this point she couldn’t even be sure that the sorceress and Ringweilder were still alive…she hadn’t gotten that far in the annals, nor had she the courage to just come out an ask the one man that was most likely to know.

In some of her musings out the southern window she though of the evening she was let into the Stormgaurd. Alex had told her she had been recruited just for the Stormguard. That was her intended place all along. He had told her she wasn’t much of a soldier and she knew he was right. She remembered the way he leaned back…seemingly so casual. Told her the rules of Stormguard and what was expected of her. All the while looking to the south.

The rest of the evening was somewhat of a blur. They went to get her new uniform and he began to seemingly murmur to the wall…almost as if in conversation. Then he ordered everyone including the general out. Ordered them to leave and take the general if nessacary by force and not to return for at least 12 hours.

THe following morning she was summoned back to the tower. The blood she saw was…horrifying. It was as if the room had been painted with it. She didn’t stay long after. She left to gain her senses and not embarrass herself in front of new friends.

When she returned she felt….unbalanced. It was being assumed Alex was dead but something told her differant. She couldn’t believe it yet. They’de have to give her more proof to believe it. Then she found the note…she could only assume it was from him. She had no idea when he could have given it to her and no idea why. It simply read “Thanks-A”.

She had made sure the General saw it…maybe he would know the meaning. She hoped to get it back from him. It was important to her though she didn’t know how to explain that either.

With a last glance south, she turned back to the annals. The answer or the path to the answer was there. She was sure of it and she’de read until something was found. Slowly her muscles giving a final protest she returned to her reading barely noticing the person that came and took out the last uneaten tray of food to return with a fresh tray of food.


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